Chet’s One-Man Band – I Can’t Go For That
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Chet here – Guitarist for Funktastic Soul. I have something a bit different to share with you today!

In addition to playing guitar and talkbox for Funktastic Soul, I enjoy all things MUSIC. I do session work, write, produce, collaborate, & teach music with friends, students, and colleagues.

One of my FAVORITE pass-times is remaking songs. I’ve always loved creating covers of songs in my own, unique way. I suppose it’s the inner producer in me that likes to hear a melody and song idea, and transfer that into various different styles.

I enjoy seeing what I can do to a familiar song and completely reframing it into something totally different.

Since I spend a good amount of my time at home in my office / studio, I often take these covers and record all the different instruments. I’ll lay down some drums, a bass line, guitars and keyboards and then fit the vocal melody of the tune on top.

I always like to keep the core structure of what makes that song, and arrange around it to give it a totally different flavor.

I’ll link one of them below. This one I took a classic Hall & Oates song, “I Can’t Go For That” and turned it into a modern Pop-Funk jam.

The studio track is pretty bare bones – so I went a totally different direction to it, added a horn section, a orchestra of strings, and a bunch of funky organs, Rhodes and Dynos, guitars and the like.

So, Check it out! And if you dig it – You can find original tunes in this style by checking out our original album ‘SxyGdLuv’.

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